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Tarot Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Casting Spreads and Reading the Cards


Tarot Made Simple teaches tarot placing and reading with a split-page design-the top pages present classic and specialized tarot spreads and the bottom pages feature interpretations of the 78 tarot cards by expert Liz Dean.

Tarot Made Simple and tarot expert Liz Dean are your guides in this uniquely designed guide book that will have you learning to lay out the cards and read tarot quickly.

A new audience of hipsters, millennials, and post-millennials are flocking to the tarot. Formerly considered fringe, tarot is moving to mainstream. Tarot-related articles are now being published non-""New Age"" sites such as Vogue.com, Goop.com, and MindBodyGreen.

Full-color, design-savvy package that facilitates quick and easy learning and appeals to the younger MBS audience.

Interest in all things Tarot continues to rise with the mega success of The Wild Unknown tarot deck, Lindsay Macks tarot forecasts in The Numinous and the resurgence of interest in related topics like Wicca and divination by the Millennial audience.

Tarot Made Simple makes learning the art of reading tarot cards approachable and stimulating. This unique guide book will teach you to lay out tarot spreads and quickly interpret them for your own daily readings, or longer term readings for friends and family. Formatted with a unique split-page design, the top pages of this guide present dozens of tarot spreads ranging from the classic Celtic Cross to specialized layouts for relationships, money and career, home, and creativity. The bottom pages include interpretations for each of the the 78 cards of the tarot from renown tarot reader, Liz Dean, for you to quickly find and reference. There's no need to awkwardly flip pages in several books while you learn to give readings. This beautifully formatted, full-color guide gives you a tarot layout for every concern that you'll be able to read it instantly. So why wait? Get answers to your burning questions now with Tarot Made Simple!


Publication Date : 29/8/2018