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Crystal Wellness are one of Australia's online and in store retailers shop based at Bondi Junction. We have a Wide range Selection of affirmation and Journals with Low Prices. Check Tarot & Oracle cards here. Free Delivery On Eligible Orders. We supply a wide range of Tarot and Oracle Cards. Look no further if you want tarot card decks or to book a tarot reading. Learn why so many depend on our knowledgeable staff and quality products. Buy Now!

Tarot Card Decks May Bring Peace and Tranquillity

The benefits of using tarot card decks to enhance your life’s journey can’t be understated. Crystal Wellness commits itself to provide you with exceptional products and professional services. Learn why so many customers return to our shop and online store again and again.

Benefits of Tarot Cards

Life is a journey full of adventure, mystery, and self-discovery. Adding tarot readings into your learning cycle offers you time to reflect on the past and contemplate the future.

  • If you are looking for clarity in your life, a tarot reading may be a step in the right direction for you. You may gain new perspectives, which will encourage you to make positives decisions going forward. Acquiring a newfound sense of awareness may add a rich layer to complicated issues, and help identify areas that may need improvement.
  • If you find yourself dwelling on the negatives rather than enjoying the positives, a tarot deck may encourage you to find peace with your present situation and move on from difficulties. Achieving a sense of calm will help overcome feelings of anxiety and fear. Once you are on a more even keel, it can be easier to make difficult decisions. A tarot reading won’t tell you which road to take, but new insights will help you find a more peaceful path.
  • Nurturing harmonious relationships with others is a goal worth attaining. A tarot reading may encourage you to clear away negative energy you feel towards others. You may gain a better way to be kind, fair, or understanding. It may help you find the love you deserve, whether it is embracing those currently around you, or moving away from toxic relationships to make space for positive ones.

Fun Facts About Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are an alternative to tarot cards that many people find refreshing.

  • Like the tarot, people use oracle cards for guidance and introspection. Some people believe the Oracle cards provide more positive feelings because the imagery is often light-hearted and inspirational, while the tarot cards may present a darker mood.
  • Oracle cards avoid the standard structures of the tarot cards and also have no set number of cards like the tarot, and each card can present as circles, squares, or other shapes. Tarot cards are usually less whimsical in shape and form.
  • Oracle cards are uniquely personal, and you can design your own and decide each card’s meanings. The tarot cards have specifically defined themes and structures. Many people prefer the free-flowing nature of the oracle cards and may seek Oracle cards online to match their mood.

About Crystal Wellness

Whether you are in the market for tarot or Oracle cards, or to book a reading, you will find that our staff is the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic you will find. Our highly experienced and professional readers are second to none. As an Australian-owned business with years in the industry, we commit ourselves to ensure our customers receive exceptional service and beautiful products. Please contact us with any questions.

Book your Tarot reading today and begin a journey finding peace.