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We Make Personalised Crystal Necklaces for You

We established Crystal Wellness out of a passion for crystals and natural practices such as meditation and remedial massage. Buyers are interested in crystal necklaces for various reasons. Many believe that crystals provide supporting energies and can realign your chakras. Others find the beauty of the stones appealing and wear them as decorative pieces for the sheer natural beauty and joy that they bring.

We strongly believe that you create your energy and can control your 'vibe' and attitude and that you have the power within to change your energy and experiences. Sometimes having balanced chakras and a positive outlook on life and can become a challenge when a series of unfortunate events occurs. Our Merkaba, incense burners, stone necklaces or smudge bowls support your practices of realigning body and soul and restore your wellbeing and energy for a better life.

Tips Regarding Stone Pendant Necklaces

If you simply love the beauty of natural stones, you will find our range of sterling silver earrings and bracelets visually appealing and comforting. If your need for crystals goes beyond the aesthetics, we would like to offer a few tips when you go about choosing your stones.

  • What is your intent? What is the current circumstance in your life? Do you feel the need for protection, for more peace, love, wisdom or power? Lepidolite is perfect for emotional stability in a time of turmoil and uncertainty. At the same time, aquamarine is believed to help calm you and release any bad energy and thoughts that may be the root of your discomfort.
  • Setting and hardness. Before you choose a stone, you also need to decide on a setting; we can set your preferred stone in sterling silver or gold. Do consider where the stone ranks on the hardness scale and whether you need it to withstand knocks and bumps. For example, you may want to consider earrings when you choose alabaster as it is a soft stone, while a ring setting would lend itself better to a hard rock such as Larimar.
  • Care and maintenance. As you might already know, crystals love the moonlight but hate the sun. Some quartz, topaz, aquamarine and opal can fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Do charge your crystals by leaving them outside during a full moon or leave them near Selenite or Quartz to amplify their energy during daytime.

We see a stone pendant necklace as an extra helping hand in the process of taking care of yourself, your energy and the alignment of your energy centres. We offer other services that will further enhance your quest for natural support and realignment.

Related Services we Provide to a Crystal Pendant Necklace

We want you to reach your higher level of being, and we have singing bowls, smudge bowls, oils and incense to help you feel more grounded and aligned at home. If you need more than your crystal necklace to deal with challenging circumstances or stressful experiences, other services we offer might lift your frequency and help you to live your best, most natural life.

  • Tarotology. Our Clairsentient combines numerology and tarot to give you clarity on an issue in your life that might be clouding your judgment, blocking your third eye or throwing your chakras out of balance. The cards are her tools to see, while her affirmations will give you the positive realignment that you need to turn your life around.
  • Massage. Taking care of yourself means mentally, physically and spiritually aligning and healing. Combine the therapeutic benefits of Reiki with aromatherapy and deep tissue massage for the best holistic experience, and to give all three aspects the necessary time and attention to live a balanced life. We offer Reiki-, Remedial-, Crystal- and Aromatherapy massages to relax your tired body and refresh your mind and spirit. Meanwhile, the stone necklaces do their job of balancing your chakras and giving you the protection or grounding that you require.
  • Flower essence therapy. Optimise your energy and resolve any emotional blockages that are toxic on your spirit and those around you. During a session, you will find clarity in how to deal with your current situation with practical and energetic tools. You will also receive a flower essence to use for two weeks after your session. A session further includes dowsing, flower oracle service, as well as kinesiology to work with, and through your body to get rid of bad energy and connect body mind and spirit.

About Crystal Wellness

We believe that everyone should live a healthy, balanced life with mind, body and soul in tune and harmony. If we all vibrate at a high frequency, we can change the world as everything is energy and energy can’t be destroyed, only altered. We believe in the healing power of positive thoughts, energy and the use of natural resources that will ground us and remind us who we are and why we are here.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for crystal necklaces online or if you have any questions about the services and products that we offer or visit us at Bondi Junction.