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Peridot 925 Silver Pendant


Peridot is warm and powerful energy that helps one appreciate all beauty, internally, as well as externally. It helps to raise self-esteem by infuses heart Chakra with higher frequency Vibes from Universal Energy Field.

The vibration of Peridot has the power to bring through spiritual energies that will bless and energise one’s life, while teaching one to fully love and appreciate life. Peridot is a powerful protection against negative forces and stone for manifestation of Money

Benefits of Peridot –

  • Peridot increases strength and vitality, also said to bring happiness and warmth in the lives of people and in understanding relationships...
  • Peridot helps in reducing anxiety and brings clarity in thoughts. When used as a necklace, they become a protector...
  • Physically it said have a healing effect on liver and gall bladder. Peridot stones are good healers for asthma and sinus.


*Please note every stone is unique. Size, shape, and colour will vary, minor flaws, imperfections and inclusions may be present. Inclusions are natural cracks that form within the Gems.


Source: Pakistan

By: Crystal Wellness

Peridot 925 Silver Pendant