Blue Topaz Tear Drop 18ct Gold Vermeil Earring 9x6x4mm – Crystal Wellness

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Blue Topaz Tear Drop 18ct Gold Vermeil Earring 9x6x4mm


Beautiful and elegant Blue Topaz Tear Drop 18ct Gold Vermeil Earring size 9mm perfectly fits with any settings.

All of our high quality18ct Gold Vermeil products including this elegant Blue Topaz Tear Drop shape made with 925 Sterling silver, 3 times plated with 18 carats gold Vermeil 2.5 micron, meaning, gold vermeil can last for years, keeping its shine and look.*

Blue Topaz widely recognise help activate our Throat Chakra and helps to “Boost Communication”. It is a very soothing and calming stone. It can distance you from stress and problems by raising your vibratory rate and allowing you to rise above them. Blue Topaz can be useful for problem solving or sorting out muddled feeling and ideas. It can inspire and uplift, promote truth, honesty, openness and forgiveness. It is a helpful stone if you have been having difficulties with public speaking. It may also assist you to think better and to concentrate on the task undertaken.

Blue Topaz is related to the Thymus (Second Heart), Throat and Third-Eye chakras, and helps to attune to higher realms. Blue Topaz aids in the expression of thoughts and feelings. In addition, Blue Topaz is said to help you recognize your own truth, so you can see if you are indeed on your true path. If you discover that you are off your purpose, Blue Topaz will gently remind you to forgive and let go, allowing you to joyfully re-emerge on your path with new found focus.

* Like all fine jewellery, gold vermeil needs careful handling, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, store properly, gentle cleaning and avoid friction.

By: Crystal Wellness

Blue Topaz Tear Drop 18ct Gold Vermeil Earring 9x6x4mm