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Yellow Jade Bracelet


Yellow Jade is a stone of Good Fortune, Friendship and Loyalty that associated with Fire Energy, which is oriented to identity, ego and self-definition. Its yellow colour will instill optimism, wisdom, enthusiasm and intellect.

Yellow Jade aligned with the Sun and planet Mars and it will encourage you to harness your personal power and achieve a sense of fulfilment. Yellow Jade will bring energies of self-confidence, courage and abundance, also believed to protect from one's enemies and can be used to protect one on long journeys. 

Yellow Jade will impart wisdom in silence, tranquillity and will dispel harm and negativity. 

Yellow Jade truly recommended for travellers.



This bracelet is better to wear on a regular basis. It is suitable for any kind of clothing. So, on our site you can choose an appropriate shape and size.

Every customer will find exactly what they wanted so much. Bracelets are ideal as a gift, since it is not only beautiful decoration but also a healing stone.

Bracelets, like many other decorations, have the following properties:

  • Improves Mood
  • Energizes
  • Improves Performance
  • It brings good luck


Our Bracelets made from Quality of natural stones and made from quality of minimum 4 layers of Strings. If in anyway around 3 months, your bracelets that you purchased from us is loose or broken, please send it back to us with proof of purchase and return shipping cost, we will repair it with no extra charge.

Source: Myanmar

By: Crystal Wellness

Yellow Jade Bracelet