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Ruby Zoisite


Ruby Zoisite “The Stone of Vitality”

Ruby Zoisite AKA Anyolite, has a strong life-force energy that makes it an excellent healing stone for the entire body. It emanates positivity in all aspects of life, also stimulates creativity & helps you to focus on your true objectives.

Ruby in Zoisite is said to enhance fertility and to help with diseases of the reproductive system particularly the testicles & ovaries.

Zodiac: Aries/Gemini

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Ruby Zoisite assist one is seeing Auras & Enhances psychic energies
  • Ruby Zoisite can assist to brings harmony to relationships
  • Provides balance for the mind, body and soul & Rouses psychic abilities
  • Ruby Zoisite aids communication with spirit guides
  • Helps one to start developing intuition

Source: India

By: Crystal Wellness

Ruby Zoisite