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Que Sera Generator

Que Sera Generator

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 Que Sera Aka Llanite is a stone have uninterruptible power supply that lets you stand in your own power

Que Sera attracts is energy, carries different compositions of the earth, so Que Sera itself has power of all these. It is highly revitalizing, which makes it perfect for those who always feel tired or fatigue. Que Sera known for drawing out one’s true intentions. It’s a stone made for those who are unsure of themselves or those who seek to let loose. If you ever have trouble surrendering yourself to your ideas or emotions, then this stone can help you.

Que Sera Generator (also know as a Merlin Crystal) - A crystal with six evenly spaced sides and six approximately equal faces that center at the tip is called a generator point. It is believed that they have the ability to store, amplify and transmit or generate energy. They are used to facilitate a connection or create unity between the members of a group and transmit thoughts in a manner similar to a high power radio transmitter and antenna. Connect with us for more info, knowledge, Healing and spirituality.

A Generator crystal is used most often to recharge other quartz crystals. They are considered a strong power source for other crystals, kind of like a battery. They are usually a crystal with a large point, with six equal sides and six equal faces that lead to one point.

Generator crystal works on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—to purify, activate and amplify energy. They are one of the most powerful crystals for focusing and amplifying your intention.

Benefit of Generator crystal:

  • Purifies, clears and cleanses the energy of a room
  • To send healing energy to someone
  • As an amplify energy to attract business abundance
  • As the center point of a crystal grid
  • For meditation and stress relief
  • For setting focused intentions 

Source: Brazil

By: Crystal Wellness

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