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Pyrite Double Terminated Pendant


Pyrite 925 Sterling Silver Double Terminated Pendant

Pyrite AKA Fools Gold is a Stone of Luck and also a strong stone to promote positive thinking & manifestation. It will impart a favourable energy to your business, so it is a fortunate stone to place on the desk where you are working. Pyrite has the added advantage that it also boosts your energy levels.

As a stone of luck, Pyrite helping to attract abundance, wealth & prosperity to the user, via it’s creative encouragement of following one’s dreams


  • Pyrite energizes the area it is placed & Attracts wealth and prosperity
  • Brings awareness of higher knowledge
  • Excellent for grid work & rituals
  • Pyrite may helps to overcome inertia & feelings of inadequacy
  • Pyrite blocks energy leakage & promote good health

    Double Terminated Crystals are known to simultaneously absorb and transmit energy in both directions.

    Gemstone DT pendant have capacity of exchanging energy between the chakras, clearing out blockages and bringing in a greater balance and stability.

    Placing a Double Terminated Crystal somewhere in between the third eye and throat chakras will help one to learn how to express intuitive thoughts to others.

    By: Crystal Wellness

    Pyrite Double Terminated Pendant