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Pink Tourmaline Tumbled Stone


Pink Tourmaline is a stone that “Brings Joy and Loving Energy”. It is relaxing and nurturing, pink tourmaline is associated with feminine energies. It vibrates a deep resonance with the heart chakra. Pink Tourmaline has the potential to heal emotional wounds with its soft, soothing energy to bring feelings of comfort and safety.

Wearing Pink Tourmaline throughout the day helps release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. It can be used in partnership with Black Tourmaline to diffuse obsessive behaviour.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Pink Tourmaline alleviates stress and obsessive behaviour, Emotional balancer and cleanser
  • Pink Tourmaline radiates kindness, tolerance that can help to opens your ability to surrender to love!


Source: Brazil

By: Crystal Wellness

Pink Tourmaline Tumbled Stone