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New Age Jade Tumbled Stone


NEW AGE JADE “Bless Whatever it Touches”

Jade is the stone of Spiritual wealth. Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, it is best known for it is vibration of attracting Financial stability, encourage self-realisation & helps bring healing, prosperity & serenity into life. Jade promotes self-sufficiency, releases negative thoughts & soothes the mind.

Jade helps to stimulates ideas & makes tasks seem less complex so they can be acted upon.

Zodiac: Libra/Aries/Gemini/Taurus

Energy: Healing, Love, Money, Protection against Misfortune

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Jade may helps bring money into life
  • Jade also used to attract love into life
  • Balances Yin & Yang Energies  
  • Jade can helps bring dreams into reality


Source: Brazil

By: Crystal Wellness

New Age Jade Tumbled Stone