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My Life Map


My Life Map

"A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future"

Reflect on the Past, Evaluate the Present, Map Your Future.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. My Life Map is a record of your past and a tool to chart the life story you hope to live in the future. Kate and David Marshall, bestselling authors of The Book of Us and What I Love About You, have crafted a guided journal packed with insightful yet accessible writing prompts to aid people at any stage of life in gaining perspective. My Life Map helps people plot a visual road map of their past, present, and future in major life areas such as family, friends, work, and play, which can highlight un-noticed patterns and act as encouragement to decide what to do with the gift of life.

The Journal includes chapters on:

  • Mapping tips: Why, when, and how to map your life
  • Sample journeys: Completed maps of fictitious people at different stages of life
  • Your past, present, and future: Exercises for reflecting on your life so far and for envisioning your future
  • Life Maps: Blank maps to fill in subject, ten-year, and whole-life maps
  • Putting your maps into practice: Tips and tools for establishing next steps and annual checkup dates
  • Bonus material: A tool kit to create and update electronic life maps

My Life Map nourishes a personal dialogue with illuminating exercises that provide clarity to keep imagining and planning. This introspective journal offers all the tools and inspiration necessary for readers to set life goals, reflect on their past, and shape a future with purpose and intention.

Title: My Life Map: A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future

Publisher: Penguin Books

Author: David & Kate Marshall

ISBN: 9781592407842

Format: Paperback

My Life Map