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Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards



Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness

Helps you learn how to align yourself and focus your energy to manifest prosperity. This book also helps you learn how to create abundance by: focusing on what you want in your life and not on what you don't have; and seeing yourself as wealthy not poor.


'While money is not absolutely essential to your experience, to most people, money and freedom are synonymous. And since and intense awareness of your right to be free is at the very core of that which you are, it follows, therefore, that your relationship with money is one of the most important subjects of your life experience. And so, it is no wonder that you have such strong feelings about the subject of money.

'It is our expectation that as you ponder these cards every day, a new point of attraction will begin to be activated within you, bringing not only more money into your experience, but evidence of your absolute freedom as well.'

– Esther & Jerry

Publication Date : 4/5/2009

ISBN: 9781401923396

Format: Cards

By: Crystal Wellness

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards