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Magenta Fluorite Spheres

Magenta Fluorite Spheres

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Magenta Fluorite is a crystal that focuses on the heart and inner truth, fostering emotional understanding and forgiveness. It is believed to absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress, encouraging positivity, balancing the energies, and improving balance and coordination, both physically and mentally. Magenta Fluorite is also said to link the heart and crown chakras, helping discern choices for the highest good. Fluorite healing can help users become stress-free, improve digestion, and reduce fatigue.

Fluorite is best used to access the universal energies, which activate all that is good for the whole body. Fluorite strengthens analytical mind to enhance concentration, and can helps to relieve symptoms of kidney disease.

Weight & Measurements: Approx. 120 Grams & 5-6cm

Due to every stone is unique. Size, shape, and colour will vary, minor flaws, imperfections and inclusions may be present. Please expect some slight variation in terms of size, colour, texture, etc.

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