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Lemurian Seeds Crystal Extra Large Size 8.9kg

Lemurian Seeds Crystal Extra Large Size 8.9kg

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Lemurian Seed Crystal, aka Lemurians is a golden Healers. Lemurian are crystals that have been left by the advanced ancient civilisation of the Lemurians to teach and guide us in this time. These crystals have been programmed in their own formation with conscious connection and love.

The Lemurian Seed crystal is a great choice for those working on themselves and deeply rooted issues. They are a multi-level healer used to open, cleanse and balancing all chakras and Meridians, assist on opening the heart and tapping into one’s own intuitive gifts. Working with this stone daily, especially during Meditation will take you on a sacred and magical journey going deeper and higher into the realm of Divine. Lemurian Seeds Crystal holds and transmits messages of unconditional love, equality, and spiritual teachings. They are very powerful tools for healing on all levels.

Measurements and Weights: : 31x29x15cm   8.9kg

Source: Brazil

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