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Lemon Topaz Faceted 8mm 925 Sterling Silver Stud

Lemon Topaz Faceted 8mm 925 Sterling Silver Stud

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LEMON TOPAZ "Love and Friendship"

Lemon topaz is a November birthstone. In Western zodiac signs, the topaz lines up with Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. In Chinese, the topaz speaks to the Year of the Horse. In both Eastern and Western soothsaying, topaz represents quality. The topaz likewise symbolises love and friendship. Its magical characteristics are accepted to expand quality and mind just as adjusting feelings and giving profound restoration. Topaz is additionally attributed recuperating forces to animate the endocrine framework, mend tissue and battle blood issues.

Emotional Healing energy, Topaz is an unbelievable instrument for mending and balancing out the enthusiastic body. Its vitality shows pardoning and truth, and replaces antagonism, dread, and uncertainty with everything essential for the Self… certainty, regard, acknowledgement, independence, and worth.

Spiritual healing energy, Topaz is an astounding gem for boosting confidence and strengthening one's profound improvement. It slices through vulnerability and question and incites a sound trust known to man.

Physical healing energy, Lemon Topazes are especially gainful for energising the physical body, conquering anxious fatigue and advancing tissue recovery. They are perfect for post-usable healing, improving blood course, and diminishing issues with cold feet. They might be used in medicines for scatters of the liver, nerve bladder, and endocrine glands.

Chakra healing energy, This stone has an excellent property of cleansing the aura to relax and release tension at any level. This stone is also highly emphatic to the body system and initiates its own energy to the part where it is needed the most. It aligns the meridians of the body. To bring inner peace and provides the mind with joyfulness to lead a healthy life.

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