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Lazulite Pendulum


PENDULUM “Connects to the Unknown”

A Pendulum Is A Tool to help us tune into what has not happened yet.....

Pendulum dowsing is the use of a weighted object on a string or chain to get an answer, usually in a yes/no format.

Pendulums are energy amplifiers, a simple form of divination to learn and practice, that use our own inner magic.

A wonderful divination and intuitive tool to keep. Use for dowsing, scrying, tarot or investigating paranormal activity, cleansing auras and removing negative energies from your home or workspace

Always cleanse and programmed your Pendulum for the highest good and protection when in use.

Lazulite Pendulum controls your insight and helps you find the answers to life's questions. It provides peace, increases self-respect, maintains a balance in life, relieves tension & provides you with positive energy. Drawing in pure universal energy, Lazulite helps a person have faith in Highest Power & makes him generous & soft-hearted.

It also enhances self-respect & confidence.

By: Crystal Wellness