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Crystal Wellness

Green Snakeskin Jasper Tumbled Stone

Green Snakeskin Jasper Tumbled Stone

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Green Snakeskin Jasper is a protective, calming stone.  It guards against negativity and behaviours of other people, shields from psychic attack and also protects against temptations which would be harmful or damaging. 

Green Snakeskin Jasper may assists dream recall & offer insight into difficult situations.  Known as the stone of grace, Green Snakeskin Jasper can help its owner to move more gracefully.  It is also an anti-anxiety stone and assist in times of worry or conflict.


Metaphysical Properties:

  • Physically, Green Snakeskin Jasper is good for the circulatory and digestive systems.
  • Mentally and Emotionally, Green Snakeskin Jasper help improve organisational skills, transform ideas into action & provide the determination to see tasks through to completion. 
  • Green Snakeskin Jasper give courage to deal with any problems effectively & assertively and provide tranquillity during stressful times.


Source: Africa, Madagascar

By: Crystal Wellness

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