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Crystal Wellness

Green Aventurine Skull with Wings LARGE 5.382 Kg

Green Aventurine Skull with Wings LARGE 5.382 Kg

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Skulls are empowered by the natural healing properties resonate at different frequencies of healing and consciousness. Skulls can be programmed and directed by desired intention for supporting the healing of oneself and others. Skulls may help more easily make a connection with Spirit using the skulls energy to advance this aim. Skull can aid with the specific areas or issues.

The skull shape also reminds us that in order to grow spiritually we need to allow the ego to die or to loosen its grip and allow the soul, the higher self take the lead.

In a sense the skull with wings is a symbol of rebirth, a sense of character growth: when ego dies a new spiritual being will emerge. Green Aventurine is Stone of Prosperity, said to benefit in all areas of creativity and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. It enhances prosperity and brings career success.

Weights and Measurements: 5.382 kgs   22x17x11cm

By: Crystal Wellness

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