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Gold Tigers Eye Mask


Gold Tigers Eye Mask “Calm the Soul & Tranquillity´


Gold Tigers Eye Mask perfectly compliments any beauty or meditative regiment by relaxing your skin, reducing redness, and putting you in a tranquil state. As the gemstone mask hugs your skin infusing with its vibrational energy, you will slowly feel your tension reside, inflammation relax while your spirit is rejuvenated.

The coolness and weight of Eye mask helps relieve sinus discomfort and reduces the look of puffiness and fine lines, Crystal remains cold while in contact with the skin and this helps to tighten the skin. Also, a good use for meditation, Crystal face mask calm the soul and brings about deep relaxation and tranquillity.

Gold Tigers Eye Mask made of natural gemstones, hand-made and without added anything, 100% Organic.

Gold Tigers Eye Mask can effectively relieve eye fatigue, relax the eyes while promoting sleep.

Design: Eye mask fingertips are small, can better fit the face skin, surrounded by a ball design, beautiful and more comfortable.

How to use: Gold Tigers Eye Mask can be placed in the refrigerator, after freezing, I believe it will give you a different sense of comfort.

Tips: Store the eye mask in the refrigerator for 10 minutes if you want the best de-puffing effect.

Gold Tiger's Eye is a Stabilising, Grounding, smooth and gentle vibration that is great for centering, grounding, and balancing. Also, Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone that aids harmony and balance, and helps you to release fear and anxiety.

Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini

Energy: Protects against evil eye, Demons & Witchcraft, Diverts unwanted Energy

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Tiger's Eye releases stuck or congested states (in digestion or in the Mind when thought confused
  • Soothes physically & mentally
  • Tiger's Eye may helps to builds Confidence & encourages contact with people

The Golden rays of Tiger’s Eye brings success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power. It is traditionally the colour of kings, riches, and the sun. Gold touches a deep part of our minds, conjuring up images of mystical places and adventure. Light Gold crystals provide us with the simple pleasures of life - cheerfulness and contentment.

The energy embedded in the stone gives us the power to stay fully manifested in this plane of existence, rulers of our own body, and kings and queens of our thoughts and spirit.

Common Healing Properties of Golden Tiger’s Eye:

  • Enhances grounding.
  • Increases psychic skills.
  • Tiger's Eye encourages the rising of the kundalini through the chakras.
  • Promotes energetic protection.
  • Stimulates compassion.
  • Tiger's Eye aids you in sorting through details and completing tedious tasks.
  • Helps you pull together many details in order to make sense of a whole.

By: Crystal Wellness

Gold Tigers Eye Mask