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Fulgurite 2.5 Grams


Fulgurite, also called petrified lightning takes it name from the Latin word “fulgur”, meaning thunderbolt. The colour will vary depending on the type of the sand in which they were formed, they can be black or tan, to green or a translucent white. 

Fulgurite is a stone of lightning, formed when lightning hits the sand and creates a delicate glass form. Fulgurite assists the user in manifestation through prayer, and the expansion of Clair-Senses to develop our metaphysical abilities. 
used for Kundalini activation.

This stone also assists those who are highly sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies, normalising the body’s activity and protecting it from abnormal function.

*Price for pack of 2.5 Grams

Source: Sahara Desert, Gobi Desert
By: Crystal Wellness