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Faeries Oracle


Faeries Oracle

GOOD FAERIES/BAD FAERIES, has been one of the most successful illustrated books in Simon & Schuster US' history. Now, Froud brings the appeal of his beautifully illustrated and evocative faeries, trolls, goblins, and green men to the popular practice of divination.

A refreshing new approach to tapping into the connections between the natural world and the course of human events, this kit draws directly on the art and wisdom of GOOD FAERIES/BAD FAERIES (UK – Pavillion) and includes:

* An elegant, full-colour deck of sixty-six divination cards.

* An engaging two-colour book that introduces the most powerful an dimportant members of the faery kingdom

* Easy to follow instructions on how to read the cards, with a special emphasis on gleaning answers to issues of spiritual enlightenment and personal direction

THE FAERIE'S ORACLE is sure to delight fans of tarot and other divination systems. Even those who spend their time speeding along the information highway are bound to be intrigued by the enchanted path the faeries unveil, a path that reveals the secrets of our souls and magically sheds light on things to come.

– See more at: http://books.simonandschuster.com.au/Faeries-Oracle/Brian-Froud/9780743201117#sthash.7hmDrkzd.dpuf

Title: IC: Faeries' Oracle

Publisher: Touchstone

Author: Froud Brian

ISBN: 9780743201117

Format: Cards