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Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 6


Blue Topaz is a Boost Communication stone that very soothing and calming stone. It can distance you from stress and problems by raising your vibratory rate and allowing you to rise above them. Blue Topaz can be useful for problem solving or sorting out muddled feeling and ideas. It can inspire and uplift and promote truth, honesty, openness and forgiveness.  Known as the gemstone of love, affection, and good fortune. Blue Topaz helps to soothe, recharge, heal, stimulate, and redirect the energies of the body to where they’re required the most.

Blue topaz is associated especially with the throat chakra, this is the chakra of self expression and alignment with the divine. Self-expression is a key component in relationships, so blue topaz is a good stone to wear or use if you have difficulties expressing yourself in your romantic relationships or your platonic friendships.