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Blue Aragonite Sphere 3950g


Blue Aragonite is a stone to activate throat chakra and to enhanced communication. This blue stone is a strong throat chakra stone on all levels, as it assists all types of communication. It is a strong stone of spiritual vision and it brings through optimism and joy.

Blue Aragonite has a lovely vibration and is very healing to the emotions. If you have been difficult situations where you have been left feeling some degree of personal wounding, this  is an excellent stone to heal you.


Dimensions: 15cm 3950g


Benefit of Spheres:

  • During times of stress, crystal sphere can alleviate an exponential build-up of tension in body.
  • A Magical Meditation with a Crystal Sphere in Each Hand to connect to a higher power during your meditation session.
  • In feng shui, crystal balls are used to bring harmonious, calming energy to any space. If a house has many arguments, Crystal ball can be placed in the living room to soothe and clear the energy. 
  • Sphere stimulates your creativity, increase your luck, bring monetary benefits to a business, or simply cleanse the room of negativity to create a healthier work environment.

Source: Balochistan mined, Pakistan

Blue Aragonite Sphere 3950g