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Authentic Moldavite 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 6 US

Authentic Moldavite 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 6 US

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Beautiful setting of rare AAA Grade Moldavite in 925 Sterling Silver ring Size 6 US or Size L AUS

Moldavite is a powerful New Age Stone that fell from the sky, classed in the Tektite Family as the result of a Meteorite impact nearly 15 millions years ago. Moldavite is a very rare and precious stone. It is "The Emerald" that fell from the sky and exists only in a small area of the Czech Republic. The stone truly is extra-terrestrial.

Its great for meditation, healing work, and wearing every day for that nice buzz of energy.

Certificate of Authenticity included with All of Our Moldavite Collection

We truly care about authenticity of our Moldavite, if in anyway you think and believe Moldavite that you purchase from us is not Genuine, you more than welcome to return to us within 7 Business Days of purchased without question asked.

Weight: 5.13g

By: Crystal Wellness - Moldavite Trusted Vendor

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