Astralite Moissanite AKA Carborundum from Crystal Wellness

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Astralite Moissanite Raw


Astralite Moissanite AKA Carborundum is a stone from lab made cluster. As name suggests, literally you see stars in the formation. It connects you to the stars, the galaxies and the universe.

Powerful stone for those who like to astral travel, lucid dream and those who look to the stars and astrology for answers. Known as master healer, Astralite Moissanite helps you find specific places in the universe, where you might find answers, operating almost like a map to the universe.


Zodiac: Aquarius

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Energetically purifies the mind, body and spirit while encouraging intuition and discernment
  • Enhance communication to inter galactic intelligence, mental agility and focus.
  • Help to eliminate feelings of depression, anger, melancholy and relieves stress


Delicate mineral, please handled with care

By: Crystal Wellness

Astralite Moissanite Raw