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Animal Figurine



HOWLITE “The Calming Stone“

It is the stone of calmness, comfort, knowledge, memory & progress. It helps relieve an overactive mind. It has the ability to heal mentally, physically & emotionally.

It is said to be able to calm the mind reducing fretful thoughts & helping you to relax in preparation for sleep or meditation. If you suffer from insomnia, caused by racing thoughts at bedtime, placed a piece of Howlite under your pillow may help.

RED JASPER “Stone of The Earth”

Red Jasper is the Supreme Nurturer. It will help balance the vibrations of the body, including the emotional body. This stone is very nourishing, warm, and protective. Gives the courage to speak out and allows for deeper insight into personal difficulties, also it can purifies & balances emotional energy in the body. It is very lucky for actors.

Affirmation: I am confident & independent



Animal Figurine