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Spirit Quartz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant



Spirit Quartz is a very strong vibration Stone of Harmony and Alignment. Each tiny crystal of Spirit Quartz radiates energy with all of these little crystals working in harmony to radiate a very strong vibration.

Spirit Quartz have powerful metaphysical properties that excellent stones to aid spiritual growth. This makes a single piece a quite powerful stone.


Metaphysical Properties:

  • Spirit Quartz may assist you to let go of issues you have been holding onto... and forgive both yourself and the other person.
  • Spirit Quartz assist with your ascension process... and they may activate the Lightbody.
  • It has the ability to repel negative attachments or entities
  • Spirit Quartz helps you to work with sprit guides


Source: South Africa

By: Crystal Wellness

Spirit Quartz 925 Sterling Silver Pendant