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Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Stud


MYSTIC TOPAZ “Success in All Endeavors”

The stone of true love & success in all endeavors can be used to manifest health & correct disorders within the body.

They promote understanding, compassion, kindness & empathy.

Also, open and heal the hearts of those who have closed them while also protecting the open-hearted from too much pain.

Helps one to creatively change personal world, enhance awareness, expansiveness & manifestation.

Mystic Topaz has meaning and properties of increasing vitality. This gemstone can revive declining energy. It is good to use when you want power to take actions or make things into reality. It is an amulet to change a stiff situation. Mystic Topaz is a gemstone with rainbow shine.

Mystic topaz is natural topaz that has been coated to enhance it, therefore, the beliefs that are attributed to natural topaz apply to it. The ancient Greeks believed that topaz was a powerful stone that could increase the strength of the wearer and even provide invisibility in desperate times. Both the ancient Egyptians and the Romans associated topaz with the Sun God. Imperial topaz is the birthstone for those born in November and for those born under the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. It is also the gemstone that commemorates the 23rd wedding anniversary. Blue topaz is the birthstone for December and is used to commemorate the 4th wedding anniversary. In traditional Indian belief systems, topaz is said to unlock the throat chakra, which facilitates communication and self-expression. Therefore, topaz is thought to be beneficial to artists, writers, public speakers and others who are concerned with self-expression. Some believe that topaz can promote virility in men.

Source: South Africa, Australia, Japan, Mexico


Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Stud