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Green Calcite


GREEN CALCITE “Emotional Balance & Stress Relief”

Green Calcite has a refreshing, cooling energy. It is an excellent mental healer & is said to help you to rid yourself of old, redundant beliefs & to restore balance to the mind.

Green Calcite can also provide support when you need to move out of your ‘comfort zone’ & can help in letting go of old familiar situations that are no longer good for you.

Zodiac: Cancer/Virgo

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Green Calcite aids any transition from a stagnant to a positive environment.
  • Is said to be good for general health & healing, especially emotional & mental issues.
  • Green Calcite helpful for overcoming addictions & compulsive disorders.
  • It increases success, prosperity, business & Fertility of all kinds.
  • Green Calcite can draw money & prosperity by burning candles placed around green Calcite for a short while each morning

Source: Mexico

By: Crystal Wellness

Green Calcite