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Blue Kyanite 925 Silver Pendant 3.37 Grams


Blue Kyanite is a stone of Alignment, especially good for working with Throat Chakra and communication issues. It helps to speak truth with clarity, making it a great stone for public speakers.

Facilitates an alignment of all subtle bodies, creating a larger and stronger aura. Kyanite transmits and amplifies high-frequency energies, it brings a calming, tranquillising energy to the body.

Blue Kyanite crystal is a mind-altering stone. It changes your perspective and state of mind, quickly. Blue Kyanite is a high vibration crystal that is used for aligning multiple chakras at once.

Blue Kyanite stones have a strong vibration that assist in opening the psychic channels and activating the conscious mind centers. Aiding in all conscious acts, this stone will help in the downloading of information from higher sources or planes.

This stone merges between the 4th and 3rd dimensions, allowing its user to bring higher insights, guidance and information into the world of Form (physical realm). Blue Kyanite will aid one in expanded consciousness in the dream realm, greatly enhancing the process of lucid dreaming and for advanced users, astral travel.

This multi-dimensional stone uniquely merges our astral bodies with our physical bodies, allowing us to tap into our higher guidance, intuition and highest purpose.


*Please note every stone is unique. Size, shape, and colour will vary, minor flaws, imperfections and inclusions may be present. Inclusions are natural cracks that form within the Gems.


Source: Brazil

By: Crystal Wellness