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Authentic Moldavite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 8.66g


Moldavite classed in the Tektite Family as the result of a Meteorite impact nearly 15 millions years ago. Moldavite is a very rare and precious stone. It is "The Emerald" that fell from the sky & exists only in a small area of the Czech Republic. The stone truly is extra-terrestrial.

Known as the Gemstone that came from the heavens. Moldavite originates from a Meteorite that fell to Earth 15 million years ago and comes from Moldau in the Czech Republic. The high energies of Moldavite may open and clean blockages in each one of the chakras. Balances and heals the physical body and the brain.


Moldavite is often called the "stone of transformation" as it tends to bring positive life changes in a very accelerated manner. It also tends to affect the dreams by allowing you to access deep levels of your sub - conscious mind while in a lucid dream state. This allows you to work through and heal issues that have been buried and hidden from your conscious awareness.

Its great for meditation, healing work, and wearing every day for that nice buzz of energy.


Certificate of Authenticity included with All of Our Moldavite Collection

We truly care about authenticity of all of Our Moldavite, Meteorites, Libyan Dessert Glass Tektites and Ethically Sources of all of Our Gemstones and Crystals.

If in anyway that you think and believe that your Moldavite that you purchase from us is not Genuine, you more than welcome to return to us within 7 Business Days of purchased without question asked.



At Crystal Wellness we always find Crystal and gemstones direct from Sources. Most of Our Genuine Moldavite we source from: Besednice, Chlum, Netolice-Brusna and Vrabce in Czech Republic

By: Crystal Wellness - Moldavite Trusted Vendor

Authentic Moldavite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 8.66g