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1.5g Authentic Moldavite 925 Silver Pendant 19x8mm (Silver Chain Included)

1.5g Authentic Moldavite 925 Silver Pendant 19x8mm (Silver Chain Included)

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Moldavite originated almost 15 million years ago, when a great meteorite hit the earth surface. Due to the extremely high temperature and pressure of the explosion the meteorite and the surrounding rocks melted and sprayed some of the glassy substance/Moldavite into the region of south Czech Republic. Moldavites are noted for many distinguished features. 

Above all, its the gorgeous green colour Moldavite, which together with its clarity and original sculpture of the surface much sought for very high content of cosmic energy and gas enclosures of primary atmosphere.

Moldavite supplies energy, remove headache, tiredness and may helps to strengthen the immunity system

Its great for meditation, healing work, and wearing every day for that nice buzz of energy.

Certificate of Authenticity included with All of Our Moldavite Collection

We truly care about authenticity of our Moldavite, if in anyway you think and believe Moldavite that you purchase from us is not Genuine, you more than welcome to return to us within 7 Business Days of purchased without question asked.

By: Crystal Wellness - Moldavite Trusted Vendor

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