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I love coming into this shop. Lina has the most positive beautiful energy and is knowledgeable and honest. She won’t try to oversell you anything you don’t need❤️

Kimberly Statham

Favourite crystal shop in Sydney, they’re the most caring and honest business owners. All are treated with loving respect and their intuitive advice is always worth heeding.

Sally Kingsford-Smith

My favourite Crystal shop in Sydney! Ken & Lina are great people with such nice energies, also very warm and welcoming, always feel so nice to spend time with them even when you are not looking for specific items :)

Youca Fadinha

Love, Love, Love this place & Lena. I was looking for very specific high vibrational crystals & they had the lot! Couldn’t recommend this place of love, energy & healing high enough 💛

Liane Giambuzzi

I love my Moldavite and all the little gifts I got with it thank you so much I am very happy and they are very honest I forgot to add my discount and messaged them and they fixed it for me straight away thank you again 😁 ❤️💝💫❤️

Ashwini Kumar

Crystal Wellness is an amazing Crystal shop. The owners are really kind and caring people. They really take care of the Crystals so the Crystals are Energetically clear and high vibration. Also, they take care of their customers as well. It means a lot! ❤️❤️❤️

Stanzie Langtree

How often have you ordered a product online and found it smaller (the scourge of Photoshop). I received an Ammonite all I can say is WOW!!!. It was much bigger than expected and the colours lots better than the photos. One very happy purchaser.


Online service was fantastic and delivery was super fast which was great. Bracelet came in a lovely pouch and a complimentary tree agate crystal which I was very grateful for.

Tania V