Septarian is a wonderful Dragon stone if you speak in public, as it gives you confidence and allows you to gain an audience’s attention. A grounding stone, it allows for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional flexibility.

Septarian can gauge the underlying cause of an illness when meditated upon and focuses the body into healing itself. Septarian can absorb your energy when held over a period of time and transmits energy into strength when needed.

Zodiac: Taurus

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Septarian banishing nightmares help to get rid of negative energy and blockage Psychic Vampirism.
  • By increasing physical vitality, it promotes calcium intake in body.
  • Septarian may helps to release emotional stress, anger, negative thought, depression, turbulent emotions and bad dreams.


Source: Madagascar

By: Crystal Wellness

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Septarian Polished Freeform


Septarian Polished Freeform