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Your Home for healing and wellness

Crystal Wellness

Carefully sourced gemstones and crystals from around the globe


Psychic Tarot Readings

Receive clarity on various areas of your life including career, business, relationship and family matters.


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Crystal Wellness

Crystals carefully sourced across the globe at affordable prices


Free meditations

New Moon and Full Moon Meditations

We run free meditations every New Moon and Full Moon. Stay tuned for our next session by following us on Instagram.

The Gem from the Sky


Transform your life with this 100% authentic gemstone

Our Customers 😍

I love coming into this shop. Lena has the most positive beautiful energy and is knowledgeable and honest. She won’t try to oversell you anything you don’t need. Support this lovely business ❤️

Kimberly Statham

Crystal Wellness is my favourite crystal shop in Sydney, in fact it's the only place I like to buy crystals from these days. Ken and Lina are two of the most caring and honest business owners that my husband and I have the pleasure of knowing and we love the way they care for the crystals and their customers. All are treated with loving respect and their intuitive advice is always worth heeding.

Sally Kingsford-Smith

My favorite Crystal shop in Sydney! Ken & Lina are great people with such nice energies, it does make so much sense to buy crystals from people with great energies. They are both really knowledgeable and always help me find right crystals for right moment. They are also very warm and welcoming, it always feel so nice to spend time with them in their shop even when you are not looking for specific items :)

Youca Fadinha

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We Source Our Gems with Love so You Can Buy Crystals with Confidence

Our passion for healing and well-being means that you will own the best that the earth has to offer when you buy crystals from us. Crystal Wellness scours the world, so your selection of gems represents exquisite quality. Learn why so many choose our crystals and rocks.

Benefits of Authentic Crystals

Historians can trace the use of crystals and rocks for healing as early as 4 000 BCE in Mesopotamia. Gems, as a healing agent, span millennia, continents, and religions. Historical tomes and religious texts refer to crystals, giving them a long and enduring history. Learn how we use them today and the beneficial outcomes of their use.

  • During Ancient Egyptian times, genuine crystals helped treat the body holistically to combat various ailments and as a way to purge evil spirits. Many believe the Egyptians were the first to adorn themselves with crystals as jewellery to ward off illness. Today, people look to crystals to naturally heal the body and garner all-around well-being as they believe the electromagnetic charge within the crystal offers healing vibrations. Many believe that they remove blockages around the body and restore the body’s natural flow of energy.
  • It is not unusual for people to report feeling warm sensations and an overall feel-good sensation when holding crystals or placing them on specific areas of the body. Crystals are popular in health clinics because they seem to induce relaxation. Parents use amber necklaces for teething infants to help take the pain away. Amber is believed to release a pain-relieving substance when in contact with the baby’s body temperature and absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.
  • At a basic level, crystals come from the earth, which connects you to healing and grounding energy. As you place effort into welcoming more joy, positivity, and happiness in your life, crystals will boost this positive direction.

What Sets Crystal Wellness Apart Regarding Decorative Crystals

We began with a purpose to offer beautiful crystals and jewellery to promote energy, positivity, and general well-being.

  • Our crystals are hand-selected for each specific piece of jewellery. We are passionate about our products and believe our knowledge in the field transfers to exceptional jewellery. Our decorative selection includes pendants, necklaces, earrings, studs, bracelets, and rings. If there is anything you want that you can’t find, we’ll be happy to work with you until you are satisfied.
  • We use gold and silver to complement the stones in our necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Every gem is unique, and we will customise any piece for you. Our extensive range of crystals and stones come in all shapes and sizes to meet any need you have.
  • We scour the earth looking for the best crystals available to incorporate the latest trends in our stones, including pyramids, generators, crystal-infused water bottles, and jewellery. We source our crystals with love, and the end product shows it.

About Crystal Wellness

We are passionate about healing and wellness, which we exemplify in our dedication to finding exquisite crystals in all shapes and sizes from all over the world. We design and craft most of our jewellery in-house, and we look forward to helping you create a customised piece. We also offer tarot and numerology readings and have a Reiki healer on staff for massages. Our goal is to supply you with the tools to help you live a more peaceful life. Please contact us with any questions.

Visit us or buy crystals online to begin a journey towards healing and wellness today.