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Your Home for healing and wellness

Crystal Wellness

Carefully sourced gemstones and crystals from around the globe

Psychic Tarot Readings

Receive clarity on various areas of your life including career, business, relationship and family matters.

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Crystal Wellness

Crystals carefully sourced across the globe at affordable prices

The Gem from the Sky


Transform your life with this 100% authentic gemstone

Free meditations

New Moon and Full Moon Meditations

We run free meditations every New Moon and Full Moon. Stay tuned for our next session by following us on Instagram.

Our Customers 😍

My favourite crystal shop. I only go this shop now. Most of crystal shops are not well cleaned unlike this shop. I'm always looked after well and love the great atmosphere. You'll never want to leave this shop. 😍 Ken and Lina are such a wonderful people too.


Crystal Wellness is the place where not only I got my most beautiful crystals and conscious jewelleries from but most importantly it's the place where I was blessed to met the gentle, sacred souls that the owners of this place, Lina and Ken, are. Crystal Wellness it's the place I've also experienced beautiful healing meditation where a safe space has been created and held for healing of my spiritual and energetic body and for my life force energy to start replenish itself. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Lumi Miha

My favorite Crystal shop in Sydney! Ken & Lina are great people with such nice energies, it does make so much sense to buy crystals from people with great energies. They are both really knowledgeable and always help me find right crystals for right moment. They are also very warm and welcoming, it always feel so nice to spend time with them in their shop even when you are not looking for specific items :)

Youca Fadinha