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Yellow Tourmaline Raw 0.378 Grams



Yellow Tourmaline can energise, vitalise, and heal at the same time. It would give you the energy to make a progress while healing your stress. It is a good gemstone to have when you feel stagnation of luck or energy.

Yellow Tourmaline would fill energy into your body cells and vitalize your body. Yellow Tourmaline also affects your emotional life by neutralizing anger, resentment, jealousy, insecurity.


Metaphysical Properties:

  • Promotes altruism and social commitment, generates confidence in one’s abilities, brings joy, optimism, enthusiasm for life.
  • Yellow Tourmaline help to removes sadness and frees blocked feelings, helping to express them; makes it open and tolerant, loosens emotional blocks.
  • Yellow Tourmaline can assist in takes care of the inner conflicts accumulated in the heart and makes love flow freely, both “in sending” and “in reception”.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression, relieves the burden of burdens, bringing beauty within reach.


Source: Brazil

By: Crystal Wellness

Yellow Tourmaline Raw 0.378 Grams