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Specularite Micaceous Hematite Polished

Specularite Micaceous Hematite is a stone to Instils Deep Inner Peace. 

also known as Specularite, is a variety of Hematite with a shiny exterior surface with black undertones. The shimmering effect is caused by aggregate pockets of incredibly shiny flakes of Hematite as well as minor traces of Mica. 

Specular Hematite dissolves negativity in all forms, particularly useful during healing to ground high vibrational states. Specular Hematite returns negatively transmuted to love. It balances the meridians and yin yang energies, assists mental functioning, memory and development.

Specular Hematite boosts confidence and self worth, also used in meditation aids past life recall and connection to the energy of the soul, Angelic realm and otherworld communication.

Source: South Africa

By: Crystal Wellness

Specularite Micaceous Hematite Polished