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Seraphinite “Make Contact with Angels”

This Seraphinite stone can help you to clear blockages in your meridians and in your auric field that are holding back your spiritual growth. By meditating with this beautiful stone... many of you may discover that you make a connection to the angelic realm and may find that you make a connection with the Divine Feminine. 

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Seraphinite may aid emotional healing, as you let go of old issues that are no longer serve you.
  • Stimulate an awakening of the kundalini. As the Kundalini rises up the spine it will clear and activate all of the chakras.
  • Seraphinite will aid you to better hear the messages that come through from beings in the angelic realms.

Size: Small Approx 1cm x 1.5cm

Source: Siberia, Russia

By: Crystal Wellness