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Peridot Tree



“Sacred Wisdom of Beauty“

Trees are symbols of the interconnectedness of life and represent the interwoven web of everything magical.

Trees have an action to increase the immunity of the body, to relieve pain in the heart & to normalise the bloodstream, alleviate stress and anxiety, also it may help to blocking the negative energies that disturb us and cause us pain and relief of the vital energies circulating in that area.

Peridot tree energy is warm & powerful energy that helps one appreciate all beauty, internally, as well as externally. It helps to raise self-esteem by assisting one in reaching physical perfection, infuses heart Chakra with higher frequency Vibes from Universal Energy Field.

The vibration of Peridot has the power to bring through spiritual energies that will bless & energize one’s life, while teaching one to fully love & appreciate life. Peridot is a powerful protection against negative forces & stone for manifestation of Money

Source: Brazil

By: Crystal Wellness

Peridot Tree