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Bulk 100 Kraft Paper Bags with Handles


Wholesale Bulk High Grade Medium Kraft Paper Bag with Handles

Packs of 100 Bags

Size: 28cm x 20cm x 10cm

Brown Kraft paper bags with cotton handles come in pack of 100 pieces. These premium quality of brown paper bags are made of 100% Recycle Paper. High density 150 GSM weighted paper. Well constructed with cotton rope twisted handles. The solid bottoms can make it stand alone easily. This wide bag can carry up to 5kg of weight easily.

Our Kraft paper bags are bio-degradable and recyclable. No peculiar smell and look a lot classier than other bags. You can decorate these bags with drawing, colouring or stickers, or you could staple your business card or stamp your logo on the outside of the bag.

Widely Uses: Different size paper bags are suitable for your needs. Great for gift bags, favour bags, Kraft bags, shopping bags, retail bags, merchandise bags and standard paper bags.


*** Please contact us on 0402041242 to arrange a time for delivery and Shipping costs. (Please do not purchase online) 

Bulk 100 Kraft Paper Bags with Handles