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"Powerful Spells using Witches Ladders and other Magical Knots"

Harness the Secret Power of Enchanted Knots. With a length of string, ribbon, cord or anything that can be knotted, you can quickly make magic work for you, whether to enchant new love into your life. change your fortune, or manifest your dreams.

Explore spells such as:

  • Untying the knot to letting go
  • Friendship braid
  • Gordian knot
  • Abundant lifestyle charm
  • Universal truth spell
  • Talisman for protection
  • Goal charm
  • Dream Vocation spell

This unique collection includes all powerful witches ladders, where additional talisman are woven in with the knots to reinforce the desire outcome, and unknotting charm, which banish all forms of negativity. Plus a magical knot directory provides the tools for making effective magic happen.

By Crystal Wellness