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Butterscotch Amber 925 Sterling Silver Pendant


Butterscotch Amber is a completely natural form of Baltic Amber. It is simply of a rarer kind than it's renown Cognac twin, as a happy result of nature's cunning beauty. The exact shade of Butterscotch Amber, like a fine wine, is known to develop and change with time. As decades pass, milky amber will turn into light antique and later to a more yellow golden hue.

Butterscotch amber is characterised by its milky white to creamy yellow shade. It is often also referred to as Royal Amber, Antique Amber, Yolk Amber and even more simply, White Amber or Yellow Amber. But how is it that this white Amber resin is so different from its more common orange Amber cousin.

Whether it is because of its rarity, uniqueness or rebellious nature at the raw amber market, natural Butterscotch Amber reaches considerably higher prices than other shades.


Butterscotch Amber is a rare type of Genuine Amber that contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic & healing agent. It warms against the body causing the succinic acid to be absorbed through the skin helping with pain relief. Used for centuries for a variety of ailments from teething pain to arthritis.

Amber is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing.


Zodiac: Leo/Aquarius/Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio

Energy: Strengthening physical body, enhancing states consciousness


The Healing Properties of Amber:

  • Amber beneficial for removing negative energy or energy blockages
  • Balance the emotions, Anxiety relief, ease stress by clearing phobias & fears
  • Highly recommended for children, teething baby, fever, toothache
  • Amber helps arthritis pain, unexplained pain, Headaches or migraines
  • Amber balances emotions & clears the mind


As more and more people are reaching out for natural healing and pain relief, there is one remedy that is prevalent today and has stood the test of time - Baltic Amber. And with good reason. Natural Baltic Amber has unique properties unlike any other Amber in the world.


How can you tell if Baltic amber is real?

  • Real amber will be unique in its appearance, which means imperfections like tiny air bubbles or cracks are normal. Beads will also vary in shape and will not be perfectly round. Your real amber will also be slightly warm to the touch. If any of these things are not true, then you may have fake amber on your hands.
  • If you insert a hot needle into a plastic object, it will melt, however, if the object is made of real amber it will begin to crack. However, to distinguish the piece from other materials, make sure to smell the piece you have, and if it smells of pine-tree resin, it is probably genuine amber.
  • Float your amber in warm brine. Warm brine is a high-concentrations solution of salt and water. Take a medium-sized cup of water and 3 to 5 tablespoons of salt. Add all of the salt into your water and stir well until the salt is fully dissolved. Then, add your amber into the water. You should see a result immediately. Real amber will float to the surface while fake amber will sink to the bottom. Note: This method is best used on loose beads of amber rather than jewelry.
  • Do a UV light test on your amber. Real amber will produce a bluish or greenish glow when place in the path of a UV light. This is a simple and effective way for you to know if you have real amber. That said, it will require investment in a UV light, which can be worth it if you intend to purchase lots of amber over time.
  • Perform a rubbing test. Distinguishing real amber from fake amber can be done with a rubbing test. Real amber has electrostatic properties, and it can pick up tiny paper pieces or dust when it is charged sufficiently. Charge your amber by wrapping it in a cloth and rubbing it for 20 to 60 seconds. Then, hold the gemstone near a strand of your hair. If your hair is attracted to it, it means static was produced, and it is likely real amber. If the gemstone didn’t become charged, then it’s likely copal.

Source: Region of Baltic Sea

By: Crystal Wellness

Butterscotch Amber 925 Sterling Silver Pendant