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Cintamani 10.91g


CINTAMANI “A Wish Full-Filling Stone” 


The Cintamani stone, also known as Saffordite, is a volcanic obsidian rock that is used by Lightworkers. Cintamani is the stone with the highest vibration of all stones known. It awakens you to your mission, strengthens your inner guidance and contact with your higher self, and dissolves implants and outdated belief systems.

Cintamani power was considered so great, and so potentially powerful, they ultimately sent it to the mystical, hidden city of Shambhala. But the legend of the Cintamani Stone doesn't end there. Esoteric theorists and modern day treasure hunters have uncovered profound possibilities

This extra-terrestrial stone is stronger than penetrating Radium and its dynamic rays can instantly increase a person's own vibratory frequency while bestowing upon him or her the ability to see into the past and future, evolve into an immortal human being.


Cintamani has also been suggested that the stone can never be adequately tested scientifically because much of it exists in a higher dimensional frequency than the one we exist within.

The Cintamani Stone (or Chintamani Stone) is a legendary artifact of Buddhist and Hindu mythology, a "wish-fulfilling" gem of extraordinary power. According to Buddhist legend, it fell from the stars and landed in Tibet, where the ancient Buddhists revered it as a spiritual jewel.

Other pertinent data regarding the Cintamani Stone maintains that it was brought to Earth by Sirian missionaries during a remote era in order to eventually help precipitate a one-world civilization based upon mutual support, love, and equality. In order to effectuate this lofty goal, the Sirians are believed to have, throughout history, made sure that the stone remained in the possession of certain planetary rulers or organizations that have been in the position of influencing the world on a grand scale.

Since its arrival on Earth, the Cintamani Stone has, for example, been in the possession of he who is the supreme consciousness governing all of the world from an etheric plane, the King of the World, while parts of it have been in the possession of such acclaimed conquerors and empire builders as King Solomon, Genghis Khan and Akbar the Great.

Source: Mysteriously Unknown

By: Crystal Wellness - Reputable Trusted Vendor

Cintamani 10.91g