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Archangel Michael Empowerment Cards


Archangel Michael Empowerment Cards

All 52 empowerment cards have been created through a direct communication from Archangel Michael to Liz, at a time when she faced a serious heart condition.

Archangel Michael’s words to her were, “These words will help you heal and once healed, you will share with the world!”

So each and every card is a GIFT from Archangel Michael, through Liz to YOU. The cards are used to empower yourself through Daily Guidance.

Regular use of these Archangel Michael cards will Enlighten, Strengthen, Inspire and Reassure you as you journey along life’s path.

These powerful Cards are a gift to assist you on the journey we call life. They were created because YOU matter and the heavens want to help and assist you, by offering love and support through the guidance they provide. Your role is to open up your mind and heart to accept the guidance and truth each card provides.

BE still, READ the words and LISTEN to the messages you receive…..that’s when the PROFOUND INSIGHT OCCURS.

The words are simple and easy to understand however the messages are distinctly individual and directly linked to where you are on your path.

These cards are for everyone, young and old. When using these cards sit quietly, ask a question, choose a card and then listen with your heart, mind and soul. Your guidance will become evident as you reflect on the words Archangel Michael has channelled just for you.

ABOUT the Author Liz Mulheron

Liz is a Sydney based mother of 3 boys. She is Australia’s # 1 Empowerment Mentor, Psychic, Medium, Energy Healer and Speaker.

“My calling in life is to be the best I can be and to make a positive difference to this world of ours. I have a proven ability to empower and inspire others to overcome any hurdles, fears and challenges they face. These beautiful empowerment cards are a powerful tool through which healing can occur at a deep level. I channel and work alongside Archangel Michael on a daily basis through my calling as a Psychic, Medium, Pranic Healer and Reiki Therapist.

Archangel Michael guards us against all effects of fear and fear-based energies. He is our supreme and loving protector. I feel very blessed and honoured to bring his guidance to life by creating these life changing cards for you. By working with these cards you will bring positive changes into your life and into the lives of those around you.

You are a powerful instrument of change and these cards will guide you to rediscover your own inner power.”

Sending Angel Blessings directly to YOU from above.


Title: IC: Archangel Michael Empowerment Cards

Publisher: Elizabeth Mulheron

Author: Liz Mulheron

By: Crystal Wellness

Archangel Michael Empowerment Cards


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Nancy Morton-Allen

Exactly what I wanted, thank you.