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Ammonite Fossil 8.522 Kgs


The Ammonite is considered Ancient Knowledge, to be a very dominant earth curative fossil. The spiral shape that it has signifies frequent change and progression. 

Ammonites are believed to encompass a lot of cosmic energy from the earth, which is considered great in stimulating the life-force of a person.


Chakra: Base, for centering and grounding

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Ammonite is excellent for amulets and can dispel negative vibrations and energy. It lends clarity to the thinking and emotions of the owner, Ammonite helps to assist in weeding through extraneous details to identify what is truly important.
  • Ammonite assist relaxation in stressful chaotic situations, such as during anxiety attacks or even during childbirth.
  • Ammonite can also summon prosperity and abundance.

Source: Morocco

By: Crystal Wellness


Ammonite Fossil 8.522 Kgs