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Aboriginal Dreaming Totems Mini Inspiration Cards



Seek enlightenment and direction through the ancient Dreamtime

Aboriginal Dreaming Totems have been used for thousands of years as a way of seeking advice. The use of totems is not fortune-telling in the sense that you actually see the future – instead, the dreaming totems provide the user with a means of analyzing questions and seeking answers about a likely outcome.

The future is not fixed and you have the power to change it as you see fit. If you do not like the prediction, then you can choose an alternative dreaming path.

About the Author:

Melinda Brown is a Ngunnawal woman who resides in the Northern Rivers Bundjalung Nation and has attained a Master’s in Indigenous Healing and Trauma. Mel embraced her clairvoyant skills many years ago, and embarked on a journey to understand that her spiritual beliefs were not just limited to her Aboriginal culture, but encompassed many different types of beliefs from cross the world. Mel has a unique way of highlighting that the ownership of spirituality belongs to the each individual and is not defined by labels or limited to just one understanding of life and creation, and as human beings, our spiritual needs cannot usually be met by one singular belief system.


Title: IC: Aboriginal Dreaming Totems - Mini Inspiration Cards

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

Author: Mel Brown

ISBN: 9781925682243

Format: Cards

Publication Date: 01/07/2018

By: Crystal Wellness